How to Get into the Funeral Business

Working as a funeral support service has given us incredible insight into the various aspects of the funeral business, including just how popular a line of work it is. While certainly not for everyone, many people are beginning to see the benefits of pursuing a career in the funeral business, as evidenced by the number of new funeral operators we are working with.

After all, working in the funeral business all but guarantees work for your entire career. People are always going to die so there will always be funerals, with the funeral business offering one of the most stable lines of work in the world.

Yet not everyone is aware of how to get into the funeral business. It’s not an industry that regularly advertises positions, and those working in the funeral business often have a desire to do so long before they start working, but it is something anyone can get started in.

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There is a growing number of funeral directors offering apprenticeships, including one national funeral director, and these offer all the training you need to work in a funeral home. These do tend to be reserved for younger employees, but there is a chance of finding an apprenticeship at any age.

Upon completion of an apprenticeship, you have all the formal training necessary to work in the funeral business, with various job roles now available.

Take an Online Course

For those looking to get started in the funeral business, look no further than online courses provided by National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and the British Institution of Funeral Directors (BIFD).

Their beginner courses offer a look into the funeral business and what types of careers are available. It’s good for getting an idea of how suitable the industry may be for you and what type of qualifications or experience you need to progress in your career.

Other online courses are available too, and while they may not carry the weight of those provided by the NAFD or BIFD, the provide a great groundwork for learning the ins and outs of the funeral business.

Apply for an Entry Level Position

As with most lines of work, getting into the funeral business often requires taking up entry-level positions. This gives experienced required to progress your career, while it’s also needed to take certain courses, as most require you to have experience working in the funeral industry to qualify for the course.

So, try looking for entry level positions such as a funeral service arranger or administrator. These positions allow you to naturally progress into other areas of the business, and they also give necessary experience to take a course and get the qualifications required for your desired field.

Get Appropriate Qualifications

Certain jobs in the funeral business require qualifications. For instance, in most cases a funeral director requires a diploma in funeral services, which is available from the BIFD. This does require you to gain a certificate in funeral services first, after which you study for a diploma.

The NAFD also provides courses where you can gain qualifications to work in the industry, with their own diploma also available.

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