How can you be successful like Peter Loftin?

Everyone listens to success stories with awe and admiration but these are the only people that first rebuke a commoner for dreaming big. Success stories are made when you have nothing to lose and nothing to rely on except your grit and determination. Peter Loftin is one of the names that exemplify this notion truly.

Peter Loftin and his early days

As a common individual as anyone else, Peter had big dreams but not the means to achieve them. He dropped out of college and started looking at his future. He started his telecom company by the name of Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) at a very young age. The company that started off of as a small venture has grown into a multi-million dollar company generating revenue of more than $20 million.

Think Big and Follow Principles

Just as Peter Loftin who never left dreaming, you must also keep pursuing your dream till you actually achieve it. There should be no stopping because no one else knows you better than yourself. Many people quit when they fail. But what they don’t realize is that failures give you the determination and grit to keep going.

If you have made up your mind to follow your dream, you should go for a disciplined life where every step should be taken in the direction of your dream. A mentally strong and determined individual can do wonders.

Keep Learning

There is no end to learning and this should be the mantra for your life. Every new day brings something new. You never know when you might get to learn something new. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes and ears open and take in all that you can to make your life peaceful and happy. While contention is a term that is subjective, it should be your stepping stone. Being contended with everything in life would not take you anywhere. On the other hand, life teaches to be happy and contended in all that you have got. So, you have to attain a balance between when you must be satisfied and contended and when you must push your limits.

Give Back

The one thing that makes Peter Loftin stand out from others is the fact that although he is a rich man today, he has never forgotten the society from where he came. He is known for his charitable activities and philanthropist acts. He has done so much for the poor and the downtrodden that has earned him so much respect from all quarters.

Therefore, if you too want to be like Peter Loftin, you must choose your direction early and start working on it from the first day as tomorrow never comes. Moreover, with slow and steady steps you can reach the pinnacle of success. But even then you must not forget your roots and give back to the society as much as you can. Remember the smiles and blessings that you would receive from the needy would be the best reward of your life.

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