4 Wonderful Benefits of USB Type-C Cable

The USB Type-C connector cable is the newest reversible cable that works on all devices, irrespective of their thickness, type or size. It is for this reason that this cable is also known as a universal cable. It can be used to charge mobiles, computers, laptops, tablets, kindles, and much more. Its features, build, and size resembles that of USB Micro-B. However, with the kinds improvements it has, it is the king of all current USB cables you’ll find in the market.

4 Benefits of Using a Type-C USB Cable

USB C cable is an ultimate solution if you’re looking for a cable that will connect with all your devices. No matter you’ve older gadgets or you’re deciding to buy some new ones, this universal cable will be able to convert all the interfaces as below listed ways.

  • Type-C male to Type-A female
  • Type-C male to Type-C male
  • Type-C male to Micro 2.0 B male
  • Type-C male to HDMI connectors female
  • Type- C male to VGA connectors female

Some of the best benefits of USB Type-C cable that have taken the industry by a storm are listed in a quick guide below.

  • It Routes to All Connectors – No matter you have Apple devices including iPads or MacBook Pro, Type-C cable has you covered. Besides, since it’s made with extremely strong materials, it lasts for long and is totally worth every single penny you invest into buying it.
  • It Charges All Devices Very Quickly – This feature is an attribute to the fact that Type-C cable offers a transfer rate as high as 10 GBps. It also signifies that this cable can exchange large sum of data within a span of few seconds.
  • It Has a Significantly High Delivery Power – The older USB counterparts of Type-C, USB 2 and USB 3, cannot deliver beyond 2.5 w and 4.5 w power respectively. On the contrary, USB Type-C cable delivers as high as 100 w power. The only precaution that you have to keep in mind while buying this cable is to buy it from genuine stores like PrimeCables in order to avoid duplicacy.
  • It is a Backward Compatible Cable – The Type-C USB cable is completely backwards compatible between Type-A and Type-B connectors. Besides, it can be used to charge as well as transfer data between your PSV’s and all HDMI supporting devices.

Other than the key features that make Type-C cable the best, there is one more – it has a lighting connector that comes in quite in darkness.

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