Why Should You Visit A Certified Mercedes-Benz Dealer to Buy Mercedes Car?

Mercedes-Benz cars have been known to deliver extended service that exceeds their warranty. If you have been planning to buy a Mercedes car, it is very important to visit a certified Mercedes dealer. They provide several benefits to a buyer as opposed to when buying it from an unauthorized car dealer.

Provide expertly re-conditioned car

The motto of Mercedes-Benz has been “the best or nothing”.  This principle applies to each and every aspect of the business. Certified pre-owned process performed at Mercedes-Benz dealer ensures that the consumer gets a nicely reconditioned car along with the assurance that the car would operate in the same way as it was advertised.

Rigorous inspection process

At Mercedes authorized center, the inspection procedure adopted by them is exhaustive and rigorous. It encompasses quality checks in 136 areas in the pre-road testing phase. These checks are performed by industry certified technicians. Each and every machine is thoroughly examined. If they find any need of refurbishing the original machine, then only company made parts are used for replacements.

Multi-level examination

Post road test, a car is tested in other areas such as instruments, shift lock functions, vibration, noise, leakage etc. Once a vehicle successfully passes the inspections and road tests, it is then regarded as “certified.”


This is the biggest advantage provided to the car buyers under Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned procedure. Once the original warranty gets expired on the certified vehicle, certified pre-used warranty gets activated. This warranty is for a limited period i.e., a year or 1 lakh miles.

During this period, any type of repairs or services, are allowed at any of the three hundred authorized Mercedes-Benz car dealers countrywide. A user is also provided with 24/7 roadside assistance that comprises of trip interruption coverage. This coverage covers a vehicle when it breaks down 100 or more miles away from home.

Low mileage car drivers who found this warranty useful and want to extend it, can also do so effortlessly. Mercedes-Benz offers to them an (optional) extended warranty program to add one or two years of warranty in the existing CPO warranty.


The uncertainty of the previous owner of a car is the prime concern of prospective car buyers. A vehicle owner who has neglected maintenance of the vehicle, or has not treated it properly, is likely to see electrical, mechanical, and structural issues. Mercedes-Benz dealers offer consumer confidence with its authorized and certified pre-used automobiles.

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