Why Should You Get in Touch with a Sandblasting Service?

The process of sandblasting has been around for some time, and it is useful for a range of reasons. Traditionally, it is the process whereby particles of sand are propelled and at high speed through a nozzle at a surface. Many individuals and companies, including industrial manufacturers, turn to such sandblasting services.

Why Is Sandblasting Useful?

Sandblasting services in Perth can help in a number of ways, including:

  1. Cleaning Equipment

Imagine how dirty and grimy much industrial equipment can become. Regular cleaning just won’t shift this kind of dirt, grime, and lubricant buildup. It’s also common for corrosive and other chemicals to build up on surfaces in the mining industry and in other industries that are difficult to remove. This is when it’s necessary to use a sandblasting service.

The use of fine particles will effectively clean off the dirt and grime. This abrasive process removes the surface layers and leaves the bare surface.

  1. Preparing Surfaces for Coating

Many kinds of equipment and tools need to be coated so that they do not rust or corrode. These chemical and paint layers also need to adhere properly to metal surfaces so that they do not peel off or wear too quickly.

A sandblasting service can quickly prepare such surfaces for further powder coating or other forms of coating. The particles will roughen up the surface and get it ready for the adhesion of other layers and chemicals.

  1. Texture and Design

Surprisingly, sandblasting has applications in the context of art and design. Abrasion is not just for cleaning grimy surfaces, it can also be used to etch and roughen surfaces to a desired texture. This can have applications in design, art, and even architecture for when a specific texture is required that is more easily achieved with an abrasive process such as sandblasting.

Are There Health Concerns?

Traditionally, sand has always been used in sandblasting because it is a very effective abrasive material. Unfortunately, sand is also linked to lung diseases such as silicosis. This is why other materials can also be used instead of sand.

Here are just some of the modern materials that can be used in place of sand:

  • Steel
  • Garnets
  • Glass
  • Plastic

The biggest advantage of some of these materials is that they actually abrade in a different way to traditional sand. For example, steel grit is superior to sand when used to abrade surfaces ready for powder coating or other chemical treatments.


Sandblasting services have very specific applications such as removing grime and dirt, and also preparing surfaces for powder coating and other chemical treatments at industrial level. However, sandblasting also has some surprising applications in both art and design.

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