Ways to Increase Conversions by Ecommerce Checkout Design

Many times user adds the product to your shopping cart, proceeds to checkout and leaves before making a transaction. Know that an abandoned cart is equal to lost revenue and wasted money invested in gaining leads by the means of online marketing Singapore. Here are the best practices to work on for checkout design in order to keep the abandoned carts at bay.

  1. Tell the customers the cost in the first instance only

Customers expect fast and free shipping. You can try the latter for any amount of orders, quantity or within country of origin. If the customer is not eligible, then display the cost as early as possible. Sometimes companies reveal the extra price after the customer has proceeded to the entire checkout process. Steer clear from this dark practice.

  1. Let them do a transaction without signing up/in.

The more customer data you bear, the more effective you are at selling. This is applicable where the companies err by needing customers by signing in or create an account before entering a transaction. This practice breaks the flow of shopping experience and causes an abandoned card. The best way is to let them shop as guests and keep the account creation optional.

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