The Many Benefits Of Installing An Awning.

The folding arm awning has always been very popular in Europe and is now very popular in Australia. They are also known as retractable awnings, we can move them up or down and they need to be fixed to a particular surface. Their construction means that there are two arms on each side and these are used to extend the particular fabric outwards, thus providing you protection from the sun and other issues.  They are a great way to add grace and style to the outdoors and they give us protection from the strong Melbourne sun and rain. They provide a number of advantages and we will talk about them here today.


In Melbourne we receive a considerable amount of sun and temperatures are rising yearly. We now need to protect ourselves from the damage than too much sun can do to our skin. There are many health benefits of staying out of direct sunlight, which I don’t need to tell you about here, and folding arm awnings provide that needed protection. They provide a great, cool area of shade where you can sit and have a chilled glass of wine or beer, safe in the knowledge that you are taking necessary steps to protect yourself. It allows us to stay outside more and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer us.

Cooling System.

Parts of our homes get a lot of direct sunlight and this can lead to the particular room in that section of the house getting very hot. This heat then moves throughout the home creating an uncomfortable living space. We need to turn on air conditioners and fans to rid ourselves of this unwanted extra heat. This in turn puts up our electricity bill. However, fitting an awning over patio doors and windows provides shade and keeps the area much cooler and in turn saves you money.

Create Space.

Our homes are becoming increasingly smaller due to family sizes and our kids need to have their privacy. Finding new areas where you can just sit and listen to some music after a hard day is becoming increasingly more difficult. An awning allows you to extend the area you live in to the outdoors and creates new space, that you didn’t know was there. It can then become an area for eating, chatting or just generally taking it easy.


A folding arm awning is so easy to use and once fitted correctly, is simple to operate. You can avail yourself of a manual awning where you just turn the crank arm to unroll or roll your awning, or you can have an electric awning, that works at the push of a button and will extend automatically.  They can be installed indoors and outdoors and come in a vast choice of colours and patterns. If you want them personalised to suit your personality, then that’s possible and they are very affordable.

So, if you want to protect yourself from the elements, provide shade for you and your family, create new areas for relaxation and save money on your air conditioning, then you should consider getting yourself some folding arm awnings today.

News Reporter