What is website visitor Conversion?

Website visitor conversion can be termed as the increase in the percentage of the visiting audience who visits our website either for gathering some information, filling some forms to subscribe etc. And the conversion process helps us understand the behaviour of users moving across the site, how long they have stopped and what is making them do so. This in many ways helps us know the reason that what is stopping to gather maximum attraction.

What is a conversion rate?

Now, basically you are aware of website visitor conversion. Let us explain you what is conversion rate. When the website visitor tracking is done to analyse various aspects and behaviour of visitors, then some goals are made to set by the site owners. Conversion rate can be defined as the number of times a user completes a goal that has been divided by site traffic. This can only be calculated only after the visitor has visited the site.

Key for Successful Optimisation

In order to optimise the website, we should be first aware that what is the purpose, what type of audience we have to target etc. In short, we should have all information from our theme that needs to be served over the website, the design of the website so that it attract maximum traffic.

Just as for the salesperson, customer is the only priority for the business. Similarly, without any customer visiting the site, it would be difficult to analyse the result. So, knowing customers as well as our own basic requirements, we can adapt many steps for optimisation.

Let’s study tactics for successful optimisation.

  • Limiting the Scope

When any visitor visits the site then he wants all the answers in one search. It would be attracting for the customer fetching the information that he is searching for in one place. It would even like the and also click to get the further updates of the site. This means that instead of scattering the information or not providing with the full fledged answer to the customer will lead to loose their interest. To maintain their interests, the answers can be limited at one place.

2) Creating Content that Converts

This is very much understood tactic. Unless and until we create the content that attracts the audiences, they may not be interested. So, try to put in keywords that will attract them. First and foremost, the content created will be for audience and based on their demands and requirements.

When we have a clear picture to whom are we serving, then the content shall be attractive. Just like a mother cooks the food based on different taste buds of her loved ones, similarly  before creating the content we should be aware about our audience and their tastes. When this is satisfied, then they will definitely try to get the updates further and can convert into regular customer.

3) Rely on  Infographics

Nothing attracts the eyes of the visitor than interesting images. Breaking the content and explaining its parts diagrammatically with the help of images helps in clearing the concepts easily. We say that the content should be engaging, images help in larger extent to keep the audience engaged. It also affects the SEO ranking of the page.

4) Understanding our Competitors

Keeping a watch on the way our competitors are maintaining their position helps us discover our shortcomings. Dealing with this shortcomings leads in improved performance. Identify who are your top competitors and what are their marketing strategies and efforts they are investing and then understand your point of action. After evaluating the competitors, what all are the improvements that you need to make and keeping the record after the necessary improvements, that would be valuable.

5) Making the website Responsive 

In this section, we are trying to explain that ask for the feedback as well as problems arising from the audience. When customers are sharing their feedback and suggestions try to be responsive within 24-48 hours. This immediate response will make them interested more and will ultimately trust us. This can build trusts and good relationship between the customer and marketers. Maintain the consistency and you will definitely able to convert visitors into regular customers.

Following the above listed tactics you will have a chance in increasing the website performance and there will be long way to go. But keep one thing in mind that take small steps and measure the results. This will give overview to you whether it is effective or not.


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