Save Your Money Using Only Reliance General Insurance Plans

From the very famous ‘Jio’ to broadband services, Reliance capital has dominated the Indian market since a long time now. It has also  left its imprint on the insurance market as well, which brings us to Reliance General Insurance.

Read on this article to learn how to save money using only Reliance General Insurance Plans.

What is Reliance General Insurance

Part of the Reliance Group, Reliance General Insurance is of one the leading Indian private  insurance companies. It has a distribution network composed of over 129 branches and more than 24,500 intermediaries. It offers a plethora of insurance products under the domain of health, motor, home and travel respectively. The company also have launched over-the-counter health and home insurance policies which offer complete satisfaction and convenience to its customers.

Reliance General Insurance is India’s first insurance companies which has been given ISO 9001:2008 certification for providing end-to-end services on general insurance products throughout India. It is the only company to have won the award of ‘’Risk Management Services Provider’’ for 2013 and ‘’Quality Council of India – D.L. Shah Quality Awards 2014 Commendation Award’’ for its financial services.

Get Reliance General Insurance Now

Now that we know what exactly Reliance General Insurance is, let us browse through the several insurance plans offered by it.

1.Reliance HealthGain Insurance

This health insurance policy is perfect for unseen problems that one might face during treatment. You can buy a health insurance policy worth Rs.3 lakh at any age. It offers lifelong renewal for  Individual and extended family members get to enjoy the individual policy. Cashless hospitalisation is available in over 4000+ preferred network hospitals across India.

2.Reliance HealthWise Insurance

An online health insurance cover that covers hospitalisation and other additional charges for the individual and the family. It covers home-treatment, day-care treatment and same procedures that do not require an overnight stay. No medical checkups are generally required till 45 years of age.

  1. Reliance Critical Illness Insurance

It covers costs associated with specific critical illnesses. It is subject to lifelong renewal and has an entry age of 18-65 years. The sum insured options include 5,7,10, 15, 20 lakh.

  1. Reliance Car Insurance Plans

The Reliance General Insurance offers car insurance plans that offers comprehensive cover to your car and also offers post-accident help.

  1. Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

This plan provides comprehensive and hassle-free protection to your two-wheeler and protects it against theft, damage and third-party liability.

  1. Reliance Commercial Vehicle Insurance Plan

Since all commercial vehicles are meant for business, it is imperative to insure them. Commercial vehicle insurance protects your vehicle against own and third-party damage.

  1. Reliance Travel Insurance Plans

It gives the benefit of travelling with a surety, be in India or abroad, thereby ensuring complete and hassle-free travel plans.

  1. Reliance Overseas Travel Insurance
  • Reliance Travel Care Insurance Policy

The Reliance General Insurance offers a travel care insurance policy to take care of emergencies while traveling overseas. The expenditure covered by it includes expenses due to loss of passport, missed flights; loss of check-in baggage, delayed/cancelled trips, and emergency medical expenses incurred by the insured of his/her family members etc. Medical check-up is not required till the age of 80 years. Cashless hospitalisation facility is available and premiums are affordable.

  • Reliance Student Travel Insurance

This plan is designed for students and covers the insured against emergencies and any probable problems they may face when traveling abroad or pursuing further studies. There are custom-made plans: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Standard, and Basic depending in the students’ and their respective universities requirement. The policy provides comprehensive coverage besides bail bond, study interruption, sponsor protection etc. There is no paperwork involved with the premiums being affordable as well. There are no medical tests involved and insurance claims are settled in a quick and hassle-free manner.

  • Reliance Annual Multi-trip travel insurance plan

It is a travel insurance plan offering coverage to several international fliers for multiple trips in each year so they don’t need to apply for insurance every time they travel abroad. This plan provides coverage for plans over 365 days. It includes pre-existing ailments in case of life-threatening situations and includes the facility of cashless hospitalisation as well.

  • Reliance Senior Citizens Travel Insurance

It has been designed for senior citizens between the age of 61 and 80 years, and who are traveling abroad. It involves zero paperwork and medical check-ups till the age of 80. The affordable premium makes traveling hassle-free. It provides cashless hospitalisation facility and covers pre-existing ailments.

  • Reliance Asia Travel Insurance

It is a specially designed plan to travel all across Asia except Japan. It offers extensive coverage and the settlement procedure is simple and fast. There are two plan variants: Silver and Standard. There is zero paperwork involved and no medical check-ups are required till the age of 60. It also covers pre-existing ailments in the case of life-threatening and emergency situations.

  • Reliance Schengen Travel Insurance

It is a unique plan offering coverage to individuals traveling on a Schengen Visa to Europe. It includes comprehensive coverage against medical emergencies, along with a host of value-added benefits for unexpected contingencies. It offers coverage for pre-existing ailments caused due to life-threatening diseases.

  1. Reliance Home Insurance Plans

It gives you comprehensive cover for your home and its contents at a reasonable premium and help safeguard your home and its contents in case of an unfortunate event.

  • Reliance Householder’s Package Policy

This policy benefits the contents of the home and makes life easy by providing access to a host of assistance services. It is home insurance policy that prevents from everything from ill-fated incidents to unanticipated events. It provides coverage to the home and its furniture and fixtures etc. Electrical appliances and gadgets are duly covered as well. Protection against theft, earthquakes, terrorism and fire is also provided.

  1. Reliance Personal Accident Insurance

Reliance General Insurance offers  personal accident plans which provide compensation in case the insured sustains injuries caused due to an accident resulting in death or permanent disability.

  1. Reliance Corporate Insurance

It offers a variety of plans for the corporate sector:

  • Engineering Insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Package insurance
  1. Reliance SME Insurance

Reliance General Insurance also  offers SME Insurance to safeguard the interests of small and medium enterprises

  • Burglary and Housebreaking
  • Fire insurance
  • Package insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Group Mediclaim insurance

Benefits of Reliance General Insurance

The core benefits of the aforementioned plans are that they are all both affordable and accessible as well. Customers are made the focal point in all the prime operations and policyholder’s best interests are safeguarded to the best of the company’s ability. Reliance General Insurance are also an innovative development in the product sector.


It is advisable to go through all the plans and buy one plan suited as per your needs. Also, if you prefer the online medium, then you can go to and choose the plan of your choice wherein there are fantastic customer-centric support staff to guide you through your purchase.

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