Questions To Be Asked To A Metal Building Supplier Before Buying

Are you looking for a suitable metal building supplier? It is certainly a very important decision to choose a good supplier, so you must consider few factors to complete your project successfully.

You may ask following few questions to steel dealers before selecting them.

  1. Are you accredited?

Most of us are not technical experts to judge various quality parameters of any metal products and neither have we got expertise to check them independently. Accreditation from third party ensures that quality standards are stringently complied during the manufacturing process.

  1. Are you financially secure company?

It is important that the supplier must be able to stand behind the product that they are delivering. Therefore, check the financial statements of the company before selecting them.

  1. Have you got full team of people to provide services that may be needed?

Make sure that supplier has got a team of people to address your problem after they supply you the items. You may have lots of questions regarding the material during their application in the project and the supplier must be able to support you.

  1. Will you outsource the project work?

The supplier that you are choosing must have their dedicated time to design, fabricate and do all the engineering work rather than depending upon any other third parties. If they outsource the project activity then it becomes very difficult to fix the responsibility, at later stage.

  1. Will the project get full attention?

Quite often few suppliers divert their expert manpower to another project if that happens to be a bigger one. Therefore, you must ensure whether your project would get adequate attention that it deserves.

  1. How will you respond if market gets slowdown?

Quite often, if the market goes slow then they try to layoff certain people in order to save money and as a result the quality of work may suffer. Therefore, it is important to know it beforehand.

  1. Will you stand by the price that you have quoted?

Quite often many suppliers often quote less in order to grab the order and when the project is in final stage then the supplier refuse to support by saying that at this price they are unable to support and you are forced to raise the price.

By asking these sets of questions you can understand their technical capability, financial standing and commitment level.

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