Overcoming Blackouts and Restrictions to Stream College Football

Music City Bowl can probably be said to be the best entertainment we have gotten this bowl season. Even when the regular season was on, no one could have thought a side had it in them to score over 60 points in a single game.

Auburn did it in more style though, ensuring they conceded no more than 14 points from Purdue.

If that is not enough indication that this bowl season is all shades of exciting, the upcoming games will convince you. Sugar Bowl, Citrus Bowl and Rose Bowl Game, as well as the rest of the bunch, are some fixtures you really don’t want to miss.

How You Can Watch the Games

To get all the college football action live, there are two main viewing methods that we recommend. They are:

  • Watching on cable:

            For those in the US markers, we don’t need to say much about this. Given that cable is the longest standing mode of getting the games, there is little to be explained here.

Ensure you are subscribed to the channels that show these games so that you never miss out.

  • Streaming with other platforms:

            It is now possible to stream NCAA college football action live with some suitable services out there. These have come to reduce the dependency on cable and give viewers other options.

Some of the top services offering college football content are Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and WatchESPN.

Viewing Problems to Take Note Of

It is one thing to know where to get access to the games, and it is another to be able to get the games at all.

For many people, cable TV has long been an undesirable mode of viewing. You would think so too, considering the cost of running cable TV everytime. It becomes less appealing if you are only keeping the cord up for the sake of the games.

Besides, cable still has the downside of subjecting you to game blackouts from time to time. You would notice this when the fixture is supposed to hold in your locale/ region.

Even though you paid a premium for the cable TV subscription, promoters will still try to force you into coming to view the games at the stands. Of course, that means buying tickets too.

The issue of pricing could be the major thing that the alternate streaming platforms took away from the cable TV problem. Looking past that, though, they are also guilty of game blackouts too.

Furthermore, these two modes of streaming will limit the games to only those in the US. That makes it impossible for people living/ travelling outside the States to get access to the college football content under normal conditions.

The Ideal Workaround

While the above is enough to make anyone lose hope in getting the games at all, that should not be.

You can get around all the problems presented above by using a VPN to access the games. Why that works is because VPNs allow you change your IP address at will. When your IP address is that of a location in the US, you will also get access to the college football games like you were in the US – from anywhere in the world.

Likewise, the blackouts we discussed are restricted to only the local markets. The way to beat them would be to go watch from another location (still within the US). Instead of actually travelling to that other location, you could just connect to that server location and access the content anyways.

To make things more concise:

  • Get yourself a VPN
  • Connect to a server location within the US (for those living outside the country)/ a server location where the game is not being played (to beat blackouts)
  • Choose a suitable streaming platform and buy a preferred plan
  • Log in at the time of the games
  • Enjoy the, live with no restrictions.

That’s as easy as it gets. Trust us.

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