Online DTH Recharge

So you have bought the best DTH connection, entertainments aplenty at home. Children enjoy the kids channels, parents are happy with the devotional section, wife enjoys her daily soaps and you are happy watching the best sports channels and news section. However, what to do when the time comes for recharging your DTH account. Visiting the payment centers is so passé, cumbersome and time consuming. Calling agents to make payments is kind of dependency besides wasting money on unnecessary commission. When everything is online nowadays, yes you guessed it right, the smart way to make payments for your DTH account is online through various options available.

The most preferred mode is to simply download the mobile app of your DTH provider and register a new account using your customer id and registered mobile number. For example if you have an Airtel DTH you can download the Airtel app on your mobile phone from the play store for Android phone or app store for Apple. Now this app is one stop solution for all your Airtel services, mobile telephony, broadband internet, fixed line connection, Airtel TV, DTH services, even payment bank services.

For DTH services you get the option of making payments, checking balances and transaction history, accessing monthly statements, package customization options and running offers as well. App based payment is the most user friendly preferred and convenient mode of recharging your DTH account, but it is not the only online payment option.

You can make payment by browsing directly to your service providers website open a secure connection to your banks payment gateway from the website itself. Easiest way to check whether your connection is secure is by looking in the url window of your browser to check the address starts with https. You can login to your bank account by entering your bank credentials and instantly make payment. This mode of payment is preferred when you do not want to worry about clearing any outstanding debits in future.

You can make the payments by using other modes and get rewarded for using third party services instead of paying commissions to the agent in earlier days !

I personally prefer using my credit cards to recharge my DTH account. The card details can be safely stored in the mobile app itself for an almost instant payment or can be punched in while selecting the credit card as payment option while browsing from your service provider’s website. Payments through the card helps you earn reward points which can be redeemed in future. The care to be taken is to clear the credit card balances on the due date else this method is not cost effective.

The third mode is to use your online wallets. Wallet payments are also quite popular and secure as well. This mode provides you an extra layer of security as you do not always need to enter your card info if your wallet is sufficiently funded. Most of the wallet providers also keep running offers for availing their services in the form of crediting you additional TV watching days or by providing cash backs. So you end up earning money on making payments to recharge your DTH account!!

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