Moving Home, Made Easy

You’ve done it. You’ve got your new home and you’re elated – you’ve been busy planning what you’re going to do with your new home, how you’re going to decorate it and what memories you’ll be looking forward to sharing.

However, as moving day looms, you need to ensure that you’ve got things covered or it can turn out to be one of the most monumentally stressful days of your life.

Have no fear though; we’ve come up with some tips to make your moving experience a little easier – making the process a more enjoyable than daunting one.

No Spillages Please!

Things leaking can be absolutely detrimental to a move on moving day so plan ahead with what you’re going to do with those bottles and containers! I recommend taking the lids off the bottles and wrapping the bottle in cling film and then placing the lid back on. It’s just a small thing that can save a huge amount of hassle – no one wants to be cleaning up shampoo on a day of a move!

Get Yourself An Excellent Removals Company

Using a removal company can be very, very useful on moving day with them taking a lot of the hard graft out of the process. For my last move I used a company called move corp UK and they were brilliant. Excellent team of professionals, a great price quoted (compared to others I had called) and they made my moving process a doddle.

Use A Suitcase For Heavy Items

Chances are you have suitcases or a suitcase at least dotted around your home or in the loft. Using a suitcase can be brilliant to carry heavier items such as books, magazines etc and are always very simple to transport, so reach for that luggage bag and get packing.

An Awesome Carpet Trick For You

Once you’ve got all your heavy furniture moved out of your old home you’ll probably notice that your carpets look a little ‘used’ with dips, dents and divots everywhere – but wait, there’s a solution to this problem!

Place some ice cubes if you have some on the dips and divots and then lift the carpet fibres with a spoon or some sort of coin – these will get rid of the dents and divots extremely quickly and can drastically improve the look of the carpets for the next people moving in.

Use The Chest Of Drawers Cheat

Don’t unpack all your drawers and the like only to have to sit putting everything back in – it’s a long arduous task that can take a while and can be a little draining. Instead, get some plastic wrap and wrap up all your drawers and cabinets. It’ll keep everything in and you can move the whole unit in just one swift go! Perfect for anyone looking to save time and energy (and who doesn’t want to do that!)

Make Sure You Celebrate!

You’re in a new home! Crack open a glass of champers before unpacking your boxes and take 5 minutes, you deserve it. Enjoy it!

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