Marketing as One of the Best Sectors for Career Success

The marketing sector is one of the most diverse to start a career in. Almost any company in any field needs to sell something, starting with ideas or information and finishing with material products. However, marketing is everything but selling stuff, according to the majority of specialists. The actual sales are the result of a successful marketing strategy.

Why Marketing Is Perfect for Career Success

Reason One: The Sector Covers Many Professions

Basically, strategic marketing encompasses such basic procedures as:

  • Customer research.
    Researching the customers of the targeted market as to their background, purchasing habits, and the need for a particular product. The latter is visible from the sales of similar products by other companies.
  • Product design.
    Analyzing the needs of the customers, marketing specialists create new or modify existing products to match those needs.
  • Social targeting.
    Experts choose the most appropriate ways to let potential customers know about the company and its products. They have to make sure the target audiences will get the ‘message’.
  • The responsibility for creating the right ads for the right audience is also on the marketing sector. The advertisements have to persuade people to choose the particular company over the others.
  • Customer relationships.
    This part includes forming long-lasting relationships with the customers by providing loyalty programs and sales campaigns.

This covers a great variety of jobs, from designers to managers. Just add the word ‘marketing’ at the beginning.

Reason Two: The Salaries

The income from the marketing sector isn’t limited by the salary alone but is defined by the success of the campaign. A percentage of the sales is usually distributed between the members of the marketing team.

The median annual salaries as of 2018  range from about $63,000 to about $131,000, depending on the specialty of your position. Marketing specialist post, which may become the start of your career, will give you about $60,000 a year, while those who get promoted to the managers of the teams get twice as much (and even more).

Reason Three: You Are Never Unemployed

If you find yourself eligible for the marketing niche, gain some experience, and tailor a top-notch resume, you will always be employed. Marketing isn’t only a part of business – it is the business, as the success of a company depends on how well it sells its products. Using offers like EMR Recruitment marketing jobs can sustain you and your skills for years ahead.

There is always demand for specialists who can become a part of a marketing team. Organizations often hire several teams for several projects, their subsidiaries, etc. Besides, even if you don’t have proper education, you can try and apply. You can be good at designing, idea generating, or even social media promoting and find yourself in the market sector.

You can also connect your future career in marketing with your major, whatever it is. Specialist in Oriental Studies? Find companies who aim at the East Asian market and provide consulting services as a part of consumer research. Expert in psychology? Search for a company that needs to create an impact on their target audience. Just find a way to connect your current specialty to the marketing niche, and you may find the way to a successful career!

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