Learning How to Code: Prospects, Challenges, and Tools

Coding is one of the essential digital skills one needs to possess today in order to make their resume more competitive when applying for a variety of jobs. It’s also a handy skill for an entrepreneur and something that can help you from a tight spot if you pick up some freelance orders. Programming jobs are growing in number extremely fast and the main industries generating those are finance, healthcare, states Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report. If you want to add this skill to your arsenal, today you can find plenty of websites, apps, and courses that will allow you to master coding at your own pace.

Before you start a course, remember that learning how to code might not help you get the job you dream of right away. The problem is that not having work experience in this field reduces your chances of employment greatly. Certus Recruitment reports that despite the distressing statistics of 72% of large and 49% of small businesses suffering from a lack of employees with digital skills, the majority of them won’t hire an inexperienced professional.

Making coding a mandatory course in schools might help alleviate this situation. Children, who learned the basics, can start working part-time and thus obtaining experience while continuing their higher education. This, as well as the rapid growth of the IT industry, explains why 90% of parents want their children to learn coding at school. But as an adult, you might need to give up some of your other professional interests for some big coding jobs in order to boost your resume.

5 Simple and Effective Tools for Learning How to Code

1. Scratch

Scratch is an amazing program, despite being designed for small kids. It’s simplistic, which makes it perfect for a complete beginner. Despite being oriented towards children, this educational program is so entertaining and versatile that even an adult will enjoy learning from it.

2. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is a free website where one can learn coding basics. The website hosts a variety of specialized courses ranging from Make a Website to JavaScript and SQL. One of the biggest advantages of this website is its huge forum where you can discuss everything you learn and get help from other coders.

3. Udacity

Udacity is a website where you can learn everything there is about coding through specialized courses and guides. The number of available options is hue, which allows one to find the exact kind of information they seek and learn fast. An important advantage of this website is that courses available here all have very good short summaries and a clearly marked difficulty levels. You’ll have no trouble choosing the one you need.

4. Tickle

Tickle is an app that will help you learn a specific kind of coding. It’s designed for developing codes that control robots and other similar technology. This block-coding app is very simple and fit for complete beginners.

5. Made with Code

Made with Code is your ticket to learn visual-based coding from scratch. This app allows you to start an impromptu class by using the Host a Party feature. This app is so basic and easy to understand, it’ll make the best tool for introducing you to the wonders of coding.

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