How to Make Sure If You Have Found Rare Coins?

If you are still a beginner in coin collection, then it is best to gain some knowledge on how to identify that the coin is rare and valuable. Without this knowledge you won’t be able to buy or sell valuable unfamiliar coins.

Here are few guidelines to help you know whether it is rare coins:

  • When the mint year is several years back. Coins minted decades back or termed to be rarest. If it is a century back then you have the most valuable coin in your collection which may be amounting to millions.

  • Examine the coin closely using hand lenses. If something is missing in the print then you are having an uncommon coin. There will be a variance in the print when compared to other coins of the same year and similar dime. It can be lines dense or far apart, a letter missed, darker die, space gap more between the printed letters and sometimes even the date isn’t printed.
  • Condition of the rare coin – The coin should look the oldest even its metal shine will be different. That is termed as its grade. It happens as the usage of the coin has been in extreme. The higher the grade, the coin value will increase.
  • Visual appearance – The coin shouldn’t be damaged even if it terms to be highly graded. Otherwise its value will decrease.
  • Identify counterfeit coins. The seam of the coin will have hole markings. They would have intricate designs and texture will be different marking the coins as fake. Moreover, if a magnet attracts the coin then it is worth a dime.

  • Visit a show arranged by genuine coin collector or dealer. There you can view and get detailed information about the coins not found commonly. You can discuss with few dealers and can ask them questions like how they find the worth of the coins displayed. Meet experienced coin collectors and watch how they are able to identify the coin’s value.
  • Join a coin club in your locality or join social media group of coin collectors online. There you will be able to know more about how everyone interested in rare coin collection will get to know the rarely available coins.

If you want to sell rare coins then you take them to an expert dealer, who will help you know the value of the coins.

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