How to Get People in Your Club 101

What is the goal of every club promoter around the world? To get people in their club. A line out the door and around the block is a sight that any club would love to see. The question is, how does one go about getting those people to the club?

The best way to get people to any place, in particular a club, is to have something there that they want see- something that no other place has. Every club has a few things. They all have a bar, they all have music, and they all have dancing. However these things can be elevated, particularly the music. The best club nights are when there is a particularly popular or great DJ that is performing exclusively at that club that night. Such names as Charlie Sloth, DJ Green Lantern, Boy George, or DJ Spinderella could draw people to a club just on name recognition alone. These great acts are all able to be booked through their DJ agency. Not only will people show up to see these acts, but they will stay and enjoy themselves to the fantastic music these DJs will spin. This has the opportunity to bring these patrons back again, even when a specialty DJ is not in the club.

Another great way to draw people into a club is to have a guest appearance from a celebrity. People flock to clubs all over the world just for a chance to see their favorite celebs in hopes of grabbing a picture for Instagram or a video for their Snapchat. Musicians, athletes, movie and television actors and actresses, social media influencers, and reality stars will all make appearances in clubs for a fee that will be more than made up by the number of people who will flood the club to see them. These celebrities will give your club the endorsement and the “cool factor” that only a superstar of their proportions can bring. Stars like Paris Hilton, Ric Flair, Floyd Mayweather, and Jamie Foxx can bring patrons to your club just by showing up at the door.  Getting these celebs to make appearances can be as simple as contacting a celebrity booking agency. The agents will let promoters know what fee they can expect as well as the celebrity’s availability.

These options are not alone, though. There is even a third option to aid in bringing lots of people and money through the door of a club, and that is to have a mix of the above two options: A Celebrity DJ. Many celebrities have put their recognizable name behind a set of turntables and become DJs for parties and club events. Members of the Black Eyed Peas, Taboo and Apl.d.ap, both perform DJ sets. Shaquille O’Neal will appear at parties and scratch a few records. And, the aforementioned Paris Hilton will also get on the stage for a DJ set.

Drawing in people doesn’t have to be hard, it’s as simple as having something someone else doesn’t on that night. Getting that thing just requires a budget and contacting an agency for a DJ, celebrity, or both.

News Reporter