How Omnichannel Tech is Helping Contact Centers Defeat Competition

These days people use multiple channels to stay connected. They use web chat, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to stay in touch with their family and friends.

Additionally, today’s consumer has grown to expect businesses to have presence on the social platforms at well.

Maintaining solid presence across different platforms and using these channels to provide customer service is quite a demanding task. It is time-consuming as well as resource-demanding. By choosing Miratech’s omni-channel contact center solution, contact centers are able to provide customer service quickly and efficiently across all platforms.

Selecting call center software has its nuances. This article suggests several things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing provider of omni-channel agent desktop.

Unified Desktop

Let’s imagine that an agent has to open and close multiple applications in order to provide response to a single inquiry. Then calculate the amount of time the agent will spend replying to a hundred inquiries. Probably an hour or two will get wasted just opening and closing dialogue boxes in different applications.

To avoid this, go with an omnichannel desktop solution provider that allows contact center agents to access the necessary information through a single unified user interface, like Miratech’s omni-channel Genesys solutions.

Flexible Reporting

If you have been in the contact center management business for some time, you definitely understand the importance of customer survey data, call grading, monitoring, and so on. This data is valuable to the client as it tells them where their business stands. Therefore, the reporting features are very important.

Add More Channels

While at the initial stage a contact center may need only outbound and inbound voice services, as the contact center grows the customer demands grow as well. Given this fact, make sure that your contact center is capable of growing into a full-fledged omnichannel contact center solution provider. For example, the omnichannel desktop application should have the ability to allow the agents to add new communication channels depending on the situation, and it should have all the features that the agents will need to meet expectations of the callers.


Compliance has become one of the major issues lately. Since contact centers provide service for different industries, they need to abide by strict compliance requirements for those industries. Not being compliant can get a call center into a legal trouble. So, go with a contact center that is careful about the compliance issue.

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