Get instant loan in time of need


The most common kind of loans people apply for when they need extra money for something they cannot afford is bank loans. However, there are a few other kinds of loans that one can avail in time of need. There are mortgage loans, where you can use collateral for the loan amount — then, there are short-term loans. With short-term loans, you can get the required cash in no time.

About the loan process

It usually takes days, even weeks for banks to process a loan request and to approve it. It might not even get approved in the end because banks have lower acceptance rate. With fast loan companies like Captaincash, you have no worries as such — they have 92% acceptance rate which is much higher than the banks and they take hours to decide whether you are eligible for their loan or not.

At times of need, when one needs a small amount of money, bank loans are not an alternative at all. Fast loans can get you the cash you need. But there is definitely a price for this facility and it is higher than what the bank charges. The fast loan companies have a higher rate of interest for the loans they provide. Their acceptance rate might be high, but there are certain restrictions on how they operate.

There are certain requirements you must fulfill, should you want to avail their loan

  • You must be over 18 years.
  • You must have a steady job where you have worked for more than three months.
  • You must be earning $1200 a month.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen
  • You must have a Canadian bank account.

To wrap up

If you fulfill the above points, only then are you eligible for their loans. It is also in your best interest to maintain a decent credit score. You might have faltered a few dates in paying loans before and that will reflect in the company’s opinion of you and you might struggle with a loan. However, if you choose Captaincash loans, there is a high chance that they will accept your loan request even if you do not have a flawless record. They encourage customers to maintain a good credit record but are considerate when it comes to the need of another individual, because understand the financial requirements. If you need a renewal of loans, it is easy to get it from them as well.

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