Function and Beauty in the Finest Tapware Available

If you’re in the planning stage of building a new home, or you’re discussing the renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, you should include space for tapware, cabinet hardware, and accessories such as towel rails. These seemingly “minor” items should not be an afterthought during a project. In fact, if you were to tell friends and colleagues that you’re going to use whatever is available and least expensive, they will probably react with surprise, if not shock.

In fact, adding items that are small in size can make a significant difference in the appearance of your room. In addition, these items can seriously affect the function of the space as well. When it comes time to make your selection, be sure that you’ve considered how the shape and finish will complement the rest of the interior design, or provide eye-catching contrast, if that’s the effect you’re aiming for.

Hardware Choices

Take a few minutes to consider the array of products available, including hardware for:

  • Bath outlet
  • Water taps
  • Bath mixers
  • Basin mixers
  • Hand towel holders
  • Hand shower units

Add to this list the range of finishes you can choose from, and you have multiple options, one of which is certain to fit your tastes and your design. Select from brushed gold or rose gold, brushed nickel, antique black, chrome, black/chrome combination, white/chrome combination, gun metal, even a rose gold/matte black combination. Making the correct choice here will be an integral part of creating your bath or kitchen style.

Home renovation, home extensions, and upgrades are extremely important to young families, as well as to families who have occupied their home for several years. Both settings provide numerous opportunities for creating a great look in the functional areas of the home, such as the bath or kitchen. For example, if you’re installing new cabinets, a necessity in both areas, you should work with specialists such as those you’ll find at Phoenix Tapware to find the perfect pieces for showers, basins, and sinks so that these items not only fit with your other details, but add in their unique way.

A Few Ideas to Consider

A brief look at some of the trends and fresh ideas for today shows that brass is making a comeback as a hardware choice. But this isn’t necessarily your yellow brass of ages past. You should work with softer, warmer tones that are perfect in combination with matte finishes and darker woods, while also providing a subtle contrast to white.

It’s also important to give some attention to accessibility and ease of use when choosing your tapware. You can have beauty that captures the eye of your guests, while also providing the practicality that people appreciate. When you work closely with a leader in this special sector, you can have all this and modern form as well.

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