Five ways to take your weed

Weed or marijuana is a substance that is becoming increasingly mainstream. Where once it was the domain of Rastafarians and rebels it is now a very middle-class substance, legal in many parts of the world and enjoyed by a wide gamut of highly successful and influential people. It is fairly easy to buy, it is not overly expensive, and it can be consumed in a wide variety ways. For those who have not yet been initiated into the ways of the weed, here are a few methods that can be used to get your high.


This is a great way to discover marijuana as it is a cool and smooth experience. Many people who don’t like to smoke are still quite partial to a puff on a hookah pipe and a bong is much the same experience. It is definitely easier to buy some rizlas and roll your own joint, but with a bit of effort you can find a weed bong online or at a tobacconist. The key is knowing where to look.


This is the traditional way of consuming weed, a simple rolled cigarette, usually containing a mixture of tobacco and marijuana, although not always. Depending on who has rolled the joint the mix of weed and traditional tobacco will vary, as will the size of the spliff. The big difference between the joint and a bong is that the joint is hotter and harsher on the lungs and throat.

Green Baking

For those who don’t like smoking or inhaling at all, baking or cooking with weed is a popular option. Muffins or cookies that contain weed are tasty and easy to consume. The biggest warning though is that the high takes a while to materialise. Unlike with smoking, where the high is almost instantaneous, it takes a much longer time to happen when eating. The warning is obvious, be patient. Don’t just keep eating more cookies because you think that you are immune – you are not! The high will come, and if you have eaten too much you will be high for ages. Take it one muffin at a time and enjoy it.


The above examples have all been about recreationally consumed marijuana. It can however also be taken for medicinal purposes. In these instances, the product is consumed as a pill or as an oil. Many doctors will now prescribe cannabis as a treatment for any number of conditions or ailments – from issues as varied as stress to cancer.

Nose magic

Nasal consumption is not something that is traditionally associated with cannabis. Typically, it is cocaine that is associated with nasal ingestion, but now there are marijuana nasal sprays available. These are packaged and available in a device a bit like a decongestant spray. Inserted into the nasal cavity and depressed a fine spray is released that is absorbed through the tissues in the nose. The high is reportedly quick and effective, although it should be added that the sprays are still not easily available.

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