Five things to consider before choosing your cloud back up provider

Your data may not be envious to hackers and other ill intent people. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t prone to viruses, malware, and force majeure. In today’s scenario, it is imperative for any businesses to plan and implement a user-friendly cloud back up system.

When it comes to having a cloud backup, it makes sense to adopt a reliable, manageable and affordable cloud backup. In this post, we will outline five factors to consider before choosing your cloud backup provider. Stay tuned!

  1. Is the backup data backed up? – What if the drive on which the data is backed up, itself gets corrupted? This means that your data needs to be backed up in two drives. Every reputed provider provides a top-notch disaster recovery plan for such circumstances. Make sure to check this thing out with a cloud back up provider.
  2. Resorting the data immediately? – Backing up the data is only one part of the equation. What also matters is how fast it could be retrieved? A lot of clouds back up providers can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week to provide the backup data. Remember that time is money. And your businesses could suffer significant losses if the retrieving process is taking too long. Check this out surely with a cloud back up provider.
  3. Live support: – In today’s fast paced environment, every second count. Instant live and chat support are the norms these days for any reputed cloud back up provider. What if for some reason you are having a hard time in retrieving the data from the panel? This is why live support is crucial. Unfortunately, many clouds back up companies does not provide it.
  4. Where your backup will be stored? – It is important to ask cloud hosting companies about the geographical location, where the backup data will be stored. Some countries might not have the strict laws and regulations when it comes to accessing the data. Therefore, you want to make sure that your data will be backed up in countries where legal forces do not have easy access to your data.
  5. Unlimited back up or charge per Gigabyte? Both options work well. But we recommend users to choose for unlimited storage. Rare circumstances can cause significant storage of the data. And unlimited storage is usually cheaper.

Compatibility and user access

It is also important to know how the users will be accessing the data. Will it work only on the web? A better option would be having the compatibility with Android and IOS platforms also.

About BackupBird

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