Digital Marketing In 2019 – What To Expect?

Digital marketing is an ever-developing area in marketing and advertising. There are practices, rules, strategies now that were not available four to five years ago and these will soon be replaced by new trends and policies. This is what we will discuss in this post. We are here sharing the new digital market trends and techniques that will be popular for successful digital marketing in 2019.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Will Be Even Bigger

Affiliate marketing began a few years ago and is now one of the best online sources to make some good money. Some people are not okay with the trend because of low conversions, more spending, writing content for a long time but the experts believe this will be the future of digital marketing. This type of marketing benefits both the seller, the buyer and also the marketer. So most brands will promote affiliate marketing.

  1. Live Streaming Will Keep Growing

Facebook started its living streaming features a year ago and it went all popular in a short time. Now YouTube and other video sites also let the users stream live videos and it will continue to grow with time. In 2016 more than 80% users on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube watched live videos shared on these platforms. People prefer live videos and 67% users say they will go for a certain concert if they had ever watched their live videos.

  1. Marketing Will Be Focused on Influencers

Influencers have always been an integral part of digital marketing. Few years this was predicted the influence marketing will be even more important and we have seen it grow. The influencers, who are often bloggers, experts in certain fields and have a great knowledge about products, share their thoughts and experience with the users and this experience convinces people to buy certain products or services.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Let us put some facts and stats regarding mobile phones and digital marketing in order to make it easy for your understanding.

  1. More than 1.2 billion people use smartphone in the world.
  2. An average user spends 2.8 hours on their mobile phone while searching, using apps or making purchase when compared to desktop time that is 2.4 hours.
  3. In 2019, 80% of the US advertising expenses will be focused on mobile marketing.
  4. 88% people who search for a business or brand online on mobiles visit that within 24 hours.

These facts and stats show mobile marketing will be one of the most focused way for digital marketing in 2019.

  1. Chatbots Will Become A Norm

According to experts, they expect chatbots to grow in 2019 and become even more popular. This maybe the first place where people go to order a pizza or book hotels or order something else. With chatbots people can do all kinds of activities easily without actually downloading the apps. A study that included 5000 people for the survey found out that only 19% users had a negative perception about chatbots while 40% were in favor of chatbots.

  1. Lead Generation Tools

    With so much attention on Analytics and data in 2018, the trend of maximizing the potential of your marketing activity through lead generation tools and software is set to continue and develop significantly.

    GDPR had interrupted the movement of some software products but with the hype around that slowing down (inevitably) and a greater understanding and awareness of the basic concepts, lead generation tools are set to build up a strong awareness and should be used by most companies who are actively driving traffic to their website.

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