Busted! Top 3 Myths about Data Loss Prevention Process

In the recent times, when the technological advancements have led the business organizations to safeguard their data in the cloud-based systems or highly advanced multi storage facilities, there is no room left for the traditional ways. However, the events of data loss have also been increased quite significantly. Although the experts of Drobo RAID data recovery are still the savior, you can do a lot for proper DLP or data loss prevention for the protection of your own business.

However, it is not that as easy and smooth as it sounds like. Much confusing information regarding DLP is there that causes a significant dilemma among the business authorities. In the confusion of what to do and what to avoid, the business organizations even make mistakes that become out of control. The professionals associated withDrobo RAID data recovery always stress on data loss prevention to make sure the data remains in retrieval condition even if any business organization is suffering severe data loss.

So, consider it as a high time for a reality check and find out the truth behind the misconceptions. Go through the following to find out.

Myth 1: External threats are more significant than the internal ones

Reality:Have you always believed that it is only the external threats such as the virus or other malicious things that cause the data loss? Well, you are in particular need of reality check. According to the statistics provided by some of the reputed experts for Drobo RAID data recovery have seen that in almost 45% of the cases, the internal reasons such as mishandling of the data or other problems cause significant data loss.

Myth 2: There is software for recovering your data

Reality: Is that what you believe in? Undoubtedly, you are under the wrong notion. Remember that, when you are facing a data loss issue in your organization, the first thing to be considered in this issue is the reason of it.There may be software to recover your data, but it is not that useful without the help of RAID data recovery professionals. Their first step is always to diagnose the issue and then aim for the solution. Therefore, using software unknowing of the reason for the loss is never going to help you in data retrieval, and moreover, it will not be an ideal data prevention method.

Myth 3: Policy Implementations are unnecessary

Reality: If you listen to what the experienced professionals of RAID data recoveryhave to say about this, you will understand that you have always believed in something that is entirely wrong. As per them, policy implementations are immensely required to make the employees aware of the fact that how mishandling can cause them a huge data loss issue that not only the organization or they have to suffer.


Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, it is highly crucial for any business authority to come out of the false perception they have regarding this particular issue. DLP is something that has to be implemented to avoid this sort of catastrophic event. It combines both technical aspects and organizational protocols. All you need to do is to find the loss-prone areas and implement the prevention policies strictly.

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