A Quick History of the RV

As you consider the idea of road tripping in RV rentals for the summer, you could be interested in finding out where the idea came from. Being able to sleep in your vehicle as you travel to new destinations has to be one of the best ideas that ever popped into someone’s mind.

Do you enjoy traveling? This is the perfect time of the year to do it and you can be sure that traveling in an RV won’t be a bad idea. RV rentals provide you with the ease to relax and enjoy the open road, sleep when needed, and pack up as much as possible, thanks to a lot more space than your average car.

You may have spent plenty of time traveling in your car in your lifetime, but if you have yet to enjoy road trips in a motorhome, it may be time for you to give it a try. It’s bound to be a rewarding experience and one that will make you want to come back for more.

Did you know? RV History

While the modern idea of an RV is something that came to be in the last century, think about how people used to travel before RVs ever existed. What is now a popular way to see the country used to be how it was explored. Nowadays we jump in our RV to see the country and all of it’s beauty, but back when the U.S. was first being explored, traveling with beds in caravans was the norm.

If you think about it, in the 1800s, gypsies traveled extensively throughout Europe and live out of their wagons. Of course, the actual motorhomes that involved vehicles with engines started around the early 1900’s. Well, they weren’t the motorhomes that we know now. Many of them had handmade extensions and units.

As you can see, living out of a moving vehicle, whether it be one with an engine or one pulled by horses is nothing new. What has obviously changed is that now they are used more because of people wanting to enjoy leisure travel, whereas in the past they were necessary for some people who lived on the road or needed to explore new places.

RV’s started to be available commercially around the 1930’s. Still, as you can imagine, these motorhomes were nowhere as comfortable as the ones that we know nowadays. Septic tanks and luxurious interiors were not as common as they were now, even in the 1950’s when motorhomes really started to take off.

Nowadays, many motorhomes are like luxury homes on wheels. You won’t lack for anything with the latest RV designs. You can expect to have internet connections, kitchens with any and all the appliances that you may need, as well as bedrooms that look like they belong in hotel rooms.

Of course, there are as many types of RVs as there are people who buy them. It’s amazing how trailers started out and how they’ve become to be easier to hitch and tow than they once were. With vehicles continually developing to be faster and better, it’s amazing to think of what they may become in the future.

The RV lifestyle has become quite a popular thing for many people these days, with many people (young and old) choosing to take off during the summer or winter to see iconic destinations in their country. Some people love the idea of living out of a vehicle for months on end, while others take it on short trips to iconic places.

Modern convenience has changed the way RVs are. While people used to appreciate them as they were affordable living spaces, now they are the rage amongst those who have the luxury and time to travel to places that some of us only dream about.

In Conclusion

 Traveling cross-country is not a new thing, but RV living doesn’t date back that far. At least not in the way it is done now. Yet, caravanning and going on the open road to see new places or make yourself a new home in another land is something that has been happening for years and even centuries.

Whether you set out on the road with a car and tent or you decide to rent an RV, you know that the road trip lifestyle is an exciting one. What about enjoying a road trip this summer? It’s not too late to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

It’s interesting to go shopping for an RV, especially when you take a look at older Winnebagos and then look at recent designs. One can see just how far the world of motorhomes has come. If you are hoping to rent RV rentals for your next road trip, you’ll see that many companies have older and newer options for you to choose from, so you can enjoy your trip in the way that’s best for you.

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