A Guide to Selecting the Best Type of Security Cameras

Do you ever think that selecting a particular type of security camera is simple? Incase you desire a camera that keeps an eye on every individual as they move, than you will need a PTZ security camera. Otherwise, you will be needing a fixed security camera. PTZ and fixed security cameras are in trend, but recently it has gotten a lot more complicated as hikvision now comes up with latest camera technology with nvr backdoor security.

The following are the different types of security cameras available and from which you can decide to make a choice:

  • Fixed security camera

The fixed security camera is at the heart of the matter; it is generally positioned to capture an image and can be optimized for the application of different housings features. With the existence of few moving parts, fixed security cameras are reliable as itsalways point at the intended location. It works with all type of housing and supports all extra features.

  • PTZ security camera

PTZ security cameras are also typically called remotely passionate cameras as they are able to tilt, pan, and zoom in on one particular subject or person. They are specifically designed fixed cameras enveloped in a cocoon of gears and motors making them easily controlled by an operator by use of remote. Covering a large area may require higher zoom ability, but it is not compulsory. Although with this feature of the PTZ security camera following a person or an object through an area, it still has some drawbacks. This camera can also be put on automatic mode to patrol an area by itself, but more often it is recommended that such cameras should be controlled manually.It doesn’t work with the bullet and discreet housing and also doesn’t support the infrared or night vision. This camera can be used for forensic labs.

  • 360-degree security camera

This is actually the third type of camera which is called as the 360-degree or virtual PTZcamera. It has a very high resolution and has the images stitched together. It is a great forensic tool since all images are being recorded and it can face all directions.

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