5 ways to identify the best DTH connection

Are you buying a new DTH connection for your home? We list the essential attributes to look for.

Though you are too busy to watch TV regularly, nevertheless you want a superior TV viewing experience when you do get the time to settle in for some channel surfing over the weekend. The weekend offers the best mix of TV shows, with marathons aimed at binge watching all that you missed during the week. Plus, there are movies and sports events to check out as well. All in all, you and your family can settle in for a shared TV experience with each other.

Except – the experience is ruined many times over because your TV is still running on a cable connection. Often, many channels that you regularly watch simply vanish without a trace. Others freeze mid-frame, ruining the moment completely. You have to sit through umpteen ads during the commercial breaks, further increasing your impatience. And out of the 200 channels that you pay for, you watch only about 10 at the most! So overall, it’s a losing proposition from all sides as far as your TV viewing is concerned.

What is you had the freedom to pay only for the channels you want to watch, and the freedom to demand just those channels and nothing else? Is it possible to have the best picture quality and surround sound, so that you feel that you are actually present in the frame yourself with the people in the TV set actually in your living room?

This is certainly possible, with an Airtel DTH connection.

How to buy the best DTH connection – choose Airtel

Here’s what you look for when you seek to buy a new DTH connection for your TV – specifically the best things you get in return for buying an Airtel DTH connection:

1 Quick and responsive customer care. All you need to do to buy a new Airtel DTH connection is to place an order on the Airtel website. Airtel will then call you within just a few hours and explain the different DTH plans on offer at the moment. The process is then taken forward by deciding a date for installation. From start to finish, the Airtel DTH connection is inquired for and installed in just a few days. The technician will set the connection for you and explain how the remote control works and how to find the channels you wish to watch. You can all call at 121 directly from your Airtel number to connect with Airtel customer care executive. 2 Several DTH packs to choose from. An Airtel DTH connection offers you the freedom to choose the channel genres and languages that you wish to watch. Thus, you end up paying only for what you consume, and no other channels. Just pay a one-time activation fee and get a base pack for just Rs 477 per month (335 channels and with 70 free HD channels). Besides, Airtel has several different monthly packs to choose from, at different rates. There is much to choose from between children’s programmes, news channels, movies, music, GEC (General Entertainment Channels), sports, etc. Besides, Airtel also regularly adds new channels to its packs, so you can opt for them for greater variety.

3 Easy recharge and pack change option.Amongst the easiest tasks you will have to do after getting an Airtel DTH connection is recharging the monthly pack. There is no need for a long-winded recharge process: just log on to the Airtel website or open the myAirtel app on your phone, and complete the recharge in just a few steps. Besides, Airtel gives you the option of modifying your monthly pack at the time of recharge.

4 Regular offers on DTH connection. Apart from an easy recharge process every month, the Airtel DTH connection offers regular discounts and cash back offers on the DTH pack. This is additional savings for you.

5 No stutters or outages. Most DTH connections in India suffer from poor transmission during certain times of the year, especially during storms and heavy rainfall. This problem never occurs with an Airtel DTH connection. You will never face any unexpected outages or transmission losses, no matter what kind of weather conditions prevail all year.

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