5 Smart Ways To Improve Regular Box Packaging!

YouTube is flooded with unboxing videos, and most YouTubers usually mention how good or bad the packaging is. It goes without saying that packaging is important, especially box packaging that’s required for most products and niches. Traditionally, the purpose of packaging was to reduce physical damage to the product. It wasn’t long that the marketing departments started using packages as an extra place for promotion. With time, packaging has emerged to be a brand experience. Customers recognize products and brands by the unboxing experience. Things brings us to the question – what can you possibly do to take the packaging game to the next level? Here are a few tips!

  • Understand your product. The packaging material for a toy brand would be very different from that of a pizza company. The idea is to understand, evaluate and consider the product before actually taking a call on the packaging. Keep in mind that functionality is one aspect you cannot afford to ignore.

  • Hire the right company. Packaging material suppliers like belley.net offer considerable help and assistance to clients with things like structural conception and design. Even if you don’t have an in-house team to design the package or suggest ideas, such suppliers can take over and offer all the help that you need.
  • Be reasonable. Many customers complain of extra storage. Unless required to protect a particular product, you have to be reasonable with how much packaging you require. Don’t go for something innovative just for the sake of it.
  • Focus on print changes. Redesigning the whole package will require considerably high effort, and if you are selling the same product, revamping design doesn’t always make sense economically. Instead, you can change the color, theme and the way the boxes are designed.
  • Easy unboxing helps. Box packaging can be boring, and there are no two ways about that. However, you don’t to complicate things just to frustrate the customer. Unboxing process should feel like a store experience, where every detail has been checked. Use the kind of packaging that doesn’t take huge time to open up.

Managing the costs is an important part of packaging. When you hire a company, ask them what they can do to keep the price of each box in check. Some of them even offer storage options, so you can place a bulk order and store the extra with them for a nominal fee.

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