4 Reasons why you should Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

In today’s technological age, nearly every business seeking to flourish must be represented online by a fully functional website. After deciding to set up your site, there are a few steps you are obliged to make. First and foremost is choosing a reliable web hosting provider, the best initial option is choosing a shared hosting platform.

After your website has expanded enough and has started to attract more and more regular visitors, it is now time to upgrade and get a dedicated service provider. In this article, we share four reasons why you need to migrate to a dedicated server.

  1. Increase Security for your Site

When it comes to running your online website, the importance of having robust and reliable security cannot be overstated. Security becomes more crucial especially when you are collecting sensitive data from your clients or website users. While on a shared web hosting platform, safety is not guaranteed, and you are only as safe as your hosting platform. These servers are very vulnerable to security gaps and breaches in the form of Trojans, hacks, and other harmful viruses. The disadvantage of using a shared server is that you will rarely be aware of any security breach and they usually never involve you when they update their firewalls and antiviruses.

If you do not want compromise to your security, then you should opt to have a dedicated hosting service that will ensure optimal protection for your website and all your users’ data. Many dedicated server providers provide management services such as maintenance, security, and software updates.

  1. 2. Reducing Server and Traffic Load on your Site

The number of users who regularly visit your site has a significant impact on the way the website functions. High volumes of traffic could impair the functionality of the website; if you receive more than 1000 visitors to your site on a daily basis, it is about time to move to a dedicated server. Being on a shared web hosting platform with many users could compromise the performance of your website and switching to a dedicated server could help you solve this.

  1. Increase Loading Speed on your Site

If your website has poor loading times, you may lose many clients, poor

Poor load speeds result in a disastrous effect on the performance of your website. Once your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, they will opt for another website. You can avoid slow load speeds and ensure your site has faster load speeds by upgrading to a dedicated server.

  1. Load Balancing on your Site

 Load balancing is the process of distributing workload on a server, moving to a dedicated server ensures you can spread your jobs and operations evenly, a feature you cannot enjoy on a shared web hosting platform since many different accounts use the same resources simultaneously,

Once you have noticed a significant increase in visitors on your website, then it is time to upgrade to a dedicated server before it is too late. Once you wait too long before upgrading and choosing to switch when your website has already grown, it definitely will be disastrous. For a smooth transition, it is necessary to plan so that migrating won’t be hectic, visit memeset.com for more details on how to upgrade to a dedicated server.

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