10 Top Instagram Tools That Will Seriously Help You Boost Your Instagram Game

Instagram, as one one of the most powerful social media platforms, may be able to make or break the overall success of your ecommerce business marketing campaign. And while choosing from the many available Instagram tools may be difficult, SocialRocketer has published their top Instagram tools list to help you make decisions that will positively impact your business.

We’re here to look at the many Instagram tools available that will help increase your following, improve your overall social media engagement, and make your marketing campaign efficient and effective.

SocialSteeze.  SocialSteeze is one of the heartiest growth services on the market for increasing your following. Many consider it to be one of the most helpful Instagram tools for getting you real followers and positive results over time.  Growing your real following organically is critical to generating the type of consumer interaction you need. Begin developing the user-generated content and find eventual influence in your industry that you want by using SocialSteeze.

MagicSocial. A fully managed service might be a good option if you’re looking to grow your ideal audience and Instagram following. Magic Social does not offer fake followers or fake likes but provides you with followers that will interact with your social media posts, increasing brand awareness over time. Most users see results within a couple of hours of signing up, and it only gets better from there.

Hashtagforlikes. Because hashtags are critical for small businesses, Hashtagsforlikes uses powerful software to detect the trending hashtags your business will want to use. Increase your social media engagement and draw consumers to your site.  Whether you’re looking for a niche, a topic, or an industry, the use of hashtags can allow you to facilitate relationships and build upon the interest people have in your product or service.

HootSuite. As a social media management tool, HootSuite can’t be beaten. Schedule and publish posts more easily and efficiently, including those ever-important photos and videos. Remember that maintenance of consumer loyalty depends on regular interaction through posts and advertisements, so post at natural and regular intervals so your target audience can see them when they are most active.

Instagram Feed WD. The Instagram Feed WD is a plug-in that allows you to bring user and hashtag-based feeds to your website with a minimum number of clicks. Display composite feeds of hashtags, incorporate image metadata with user feeds, and add custom styling that fits your brand. The features of this app allow you to create impressive layouts that can be easily uploaded and visually improved,

Boomerang. Boomerang videos have become a crucial part of the Instagram business marketing because it allows companies to connect with their loyal consumers regularly. Post one second long videos that are both interesting and quick. The lack of audio within the context of the video makes it easier to capture behind-the-scenes moments in your company, develop how-to tutorials for your product, or find other ways to generate interest in your brand.

Live Videos. Live videos are different than Instagram or Boomerang videos because they are not pre-recorded. Your followers will get a push notification that precedes your live event, informing them that you intend to go live. They can comment on or like your Live Video Stream in real time. Build authenticity and brand transparency, as well as consumer engagement by using this feature to post Live Video intermittently to spice up your social media game.

SocialGoneViral. Once you have determined which platforms you intend to use, it’s important to monitor your online mentions on your organically grown community. There are free tools available for businesses that are designed to help your company achieve the goal of social listening. Take the accounts your most interested in maintaining to the next level using Social Gone Viral.  Remember that consumers who have a negative experience with your brand or company are likely to go to social media to voice their complaints, so it’s important to respond quickly and efficiently to both positive and negative press.

Buffer. If you’re looking for a tool that helps you post and share all kinds of content to a range of social media platforms, you may want to look at Buffer. It can schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ and do so at the very times when your followers are most likely to be there. Share relevant and compelling content at any time by clicking the Buffer button in your browser, and instantly add the link and title to any social networks immediately or to their queues that you want to publish or post later.

Geo-Tagged Content. If your business has both an ecommerce and physical building element, you may find Geo-Tagged content useful, especially if you want to draw the attention of local consumers. When Geo-tag is turned on, photos and videos you tag will display the street where you posted the photo to Instagram. Keep in mind that sometimes geo-tagging, once turned on, may indicate location even in video or photo posts not tagged, so monitor its use carefully.

Have you found any of these Instagram tools especially valuable? Feel free to share your positive experiences here.

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