Which Case Fulfils your Requirements?

We have long passed the need for bulky, heavy cases to carry our equipment and provisions in. Aluminium cases are the result of decades of research into storage needs for packaging, storage, and transport solutions.

Unlike other materials, aluminium is lightweight. This means that when the case is full of the items you need to transport, you aren’t going to be lifting the weight of both a heavy case and its contents. Aluminium cases are the perfect solution for any sensitive equipment, including electronics, sports gear, tools, supplies, and even hazardous materials. There are many applications for an aluminium case, which can show you how they can fulfil your requirements:

In Clean Rooms, where an environment needs to be completely free of dust or other contaminants, an aluminium case is a great solution for storage and transport. The material is non-corrosive, making it perfect for any items that need to be stored in it, or might be accidentally spilled on the case. Aluminium cases can also withstand a temperature range of around -238° to 302° F, depending on the manufacturer.

For Drone users or hobbyists, the aluminium case provides essential protection for your fragile electronic accessories and potentially extremely breakable drone. UAVs need extra protection to keep them from breaking, which means that not only would you benefit from an aluminium case, which can protect your drone from electronic surges, you would also benefit from custom foam inserts.

If you’re a traveller, you’ll quickly see how an aluminium case would be a great addition to your expedition gear. Expeditions often require a large amount of gear, which, depending on the kind of terrain you’re exploring, is often sensitive. Expedition teams usually carry a large amount of gear and supplies, so you’ll be wanting a lightweight case that you can customise with inserts to keep everything safe. Aluminium is also resistant to several elements, keeping your equipment completely safe even in the coldest of countries.

As mentioned, aluminium cases are great for transporting and storing hazardous materials. The best way to know whether a company is making aluminium cases that are up to the task, is to check that they have a UN certification for the transport of hazardous goods. This will tell you if a case can handle the substances you need to transport, and if you can legally transport the substances in that brand of aluminium case.

Aluminium cases are also used as a storage and transport solution for several other activities, but they are particularly popular with schools, universities, and sports teams. Not only can they keep all equipment safe, but aluminium cases are made to be secure no matter the weather. They’re water-resistant, and they’ve been used in practically every sport, from fishing to motorsports.

As you can see, an aluminium case isn’t just a storage or transport solution, it’s an investment into the future of your hobby, your travels, your team, and your career. With so many applications, you’d find it difficult to find a better type of case elsewhere.

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