What to Look for in the Best Guest Posting Service 

Are you looking for the best guest posting service for web design? A quick search on Google will reveal an abundance of websites advertising this very service. So, how do you know who to work with when you have a great deal of choices? By the end of this blog post you’ll know exactly what to look for and what to avoid. So read on and learn what seperates the men from the boys.

Guarantees Search Results Don’t Exist

If you come across a site that guarantees page one search results on Google you need to click out of that site as fast as you can. A site with that kind of claim may just give your computer a virus. Those kinds of guarantees are based in fantasy and ego. The simple truth is that unless you are the owner of Google, Yahoo, or Bing you can’t guarantee search results. Avoid any guest posting services for web design that boldly claims guaranteed search results.

Location Really Is Everything

You really need to be careful that you don’t use a guest posting service that create spammy links. Anyone can offer guest posting services. Not everyone can offer guest posting services on spam-free websites. Do yourself a favor and take a look at the anchor text and see what’s there? Do you see keywords like viagra, cialis, porno, or buy these jordans? If you do you don’t want a link on that site, period the end. Those links are not helpful at all.

Lifetime Link Placement

When you pay for a link it should stay up for life or as long as the guest posting service owns the website. Stay away from anyone who’s going to take your link down after a month. You don’t want to rent your links, you want to own them.

Writing Services Save Time

If you can find a guest posting service for your web design blog that will write your guest posts services you have found a great service. That is if the writing is done well. Ask for links to blog posts they written. If the writing is garbage you certainly don’t want them writing your guest post. If the writing is good ask to see the guest post before it’s posted on the site.

Only Post on Sites That Are Relevant to Your Niche

Before you sign up with a guest posting service that caters to web design blogs make sure they have websites that are in your niche. For example if you have a medical website and they only have fashion websites, that’s a no go. Even if their websites are immaculate and their prices are fair, it just wouldn’t be the right fit for you.

Make Sure the Price Is Right

Prices are going to vary widely between different guest posting services. If the sites check out, and they’re not going to take your link down, you should still look for fair pricing. Here’s what not a fair price. $100 for one link on one average site.

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