What to Consider Before Hiring a Marquee

There are numerous great reasons to hire a marquee, they are brilliant for hosting parties such as wedding receptions, Christmas socials, and work gatherings. They offer the perfect alternative to traditional, boring indoor events, and they can be held almost anywhere. Hiring a marquee is considerably cheaper than booking an indoor venue, but you must consider several factors before you rent a unit.

Call as early as possible > If you are in charge of planning the next big office party or Christmas gathering, then it is advisable to book your marquee well in advance. Marquee hire is big business, particularly during certain times of the year. There is a huge amount of wedding receptions that take place during the summer, so if you want to book a marquee tent during this time of the year you must ensure it is done well in advance. As soon as you know the date of your event, call a marquee hire company in Melbourne if your event is scheduled to take place in the city or surrounding suburbs.

Crunch the number > Another important thing to consider is the number of guests you expect to attend, it would be catastrophic if you had the marquee erected only to find out that it is way too small to host your event and all your guests won’t fit inside. You’ll need ample room for catering staff to move around the marquee, so it is best to hire a unit which easily fits in all your attendees. If you aren’t sure of exact numbers, always overcompensate and get a large marquee.

Think about a timeframe > Once you’ve decided on a date and time, make sure you give the company enough notice to set up and dismantle the marquee before and after the event. You don’t want the unit lying there empty for 3 days before you begin. Likewise, it would make no sense to have the marquee erected on the day of the event, anything could go wrong, and you’d have no time to fix it.

Consider the location > You must set the marquee up in a safe, obstacle free space to ensure nothing happens to the unit, and no one gets injured during the event. It can’t be erected near any low-lying trees, underground pipes or uneven ground. The marquee should be set on an even surface, you must also consider the weather. If it rains during the event, is the area likely to flood and ruin the gathering.

Try to book a nice location, not just a field in the middle of nowhere. Your guests will appreciate an event held in stunning surroundings with incredible 360 degree views.

This article has highlighted 4 important factors to consider when hiring a marquee for any event in Melbourne. There are several other points to think about to ensure your day goes without any problems, remember to book early to avoid disappointment, and carefully consider your location before erecting the marquee.

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