Utilising Social Media Platforms to Increase Your Marketing Campaigns

With so many people opting to sign up for more than one social media account, never has there been a better or more successful way of promoting on such platforms.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or another of the hugely popular social media apps, target the right platform, and it’s possible to find an audience to market to, whatever your industry type, successfully.Freelancers

Many freelancers turn to social media to gain valuable contracts while spreading the word about their specialized service.

The right platform here can almost act like a virtual CV! This is the place where you can promote your services by use of various media including photos, updates and general messages posted to your account.

By directing and driving clients to your website from your social media account, you can promote your brand, that is yourself, all the while maintaining a sense of professionalism as you build your contact list.


As a start-up, when it comes to getting your new career plan off the ground, Four Seasons understands that a marketing plan is crucial. When you begin on this route, you undoubtedly need to alert others of your presence.

For starts ups, social media marketing can be the difference between continued success or failure, especially in this online driven society. Best of all, it’s the cheapest way to advertise a new venture in town!

Several social media platforms are an innovate way of promoting your presence to a new scene, particularly if you’re starting out on a limited budget.

Promoting your startup as unique and diversifying your content with blogs, images and videos ensure you’ll get noticed in those crucial early stages of your journey.

Small Business

Though most small businesses will shun social media accounts believing they don’t apply to them, by doing so, they run the risk of wasting a valuable opportunity.

What better way for customers to learn about a local service or smaller sized company than on their personal social media timelines?

Smaller companies can go the extra mile and really connect with their customers by getting themselves onto various social media platforms.  They can do this by listening to their customer’s needs and build a better rapport with them.

Ultimately, social media encourages a better understanding of what customers are looking for in such small businesses, therefore creating scope for working on updating marketing strategies to expand on this knowledge.

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