Renting Linen For Your Restaurant or Hotel–What You Need To Know

Linen products are commonly required by hotels and restaurants for their daily businesses. In a restaurant, linen products are required for a variety of purposes. You will need tablecloths, serviettes, napkins, and other linen products to offer the best dining experience to your clients. Most of the restaurants nowadays use white linen products because of their aesthetic appeal. However, white linen gets stained very quickly. As soon as a guest leaves your restaurant, you will need to reset the table and replace the linen before seating another guest at the table.

Similarly, linen is also required in large quantities in hotels. Linen is used for the bed sheets, the pillows, and many other things in the hotels. Needless to say, all businesses operating in the hospitality sector require large supplies of fresh linen at all times to cater to their clients. However, making sure that you always have a fresh supply of linen available is not as easy as it looks.

You will need to set up a separate laundry department in the hotel only for cleaning the linen. If not, you will need to make an agreement with a dry cleaner, but that is probably going to cost a lot of money. Most linen products need to be cleaned after a single use, so the laundry department will probably operate throughout the day.

Additionally, most white linen products start to lose their colour after a few months of regular washes. The white linen will soon start developing a yellowish tinge, indicating the need for a replacement. Over the past few years, a number of companies have started renting their linen products instead of buying them. It is a viable alternative that helps companies save a great deal of money.

Renting Linen–How Does It Work?

There are many companies in the industry that offer linen products for rent. For instance, Stalbridge linen provide laundry services for businesses in the hospitality industry all over the UK. They have a massive delivery network through which they can supply linen to any hotel or restaurant throughout the UK. You simply contact the company and decide on the number of linen products that you require on a daily basis. This may include a certain number of tablecloths, serviettes, napkins, bed sheets, or anything else.

Once you have placed your order, the company will ask you to pay a small amount as a security deposit. After the formalities are completed and the paperwork has been signed, the company will start dispatching the linen products to your place of business regularly. Every morning before business hours, the company’s delivery van will send the linen products to your place of business. The delivery van will also take away the used and dirty linen and deliver clean and fresh linen to your hotel or restaurant. At the end of the month, you can pay your bill and continue with the company’s services.

As you can see, renting linen is generally a much better option than maintaining a stock in-house. The best option is to stock some linen in your hotel or restaurant, so in case the company fails to deliver the linen due to any reason, you won’t have to shut up shop for the day. Here are some of the major benefits that you get for renting linen.


On a purely financial level, renting linen makes more sense than maintaining a stock in-house. First, you should know that most linen products need to be replaced within a couple of months. You will also need to factor in the costs of cleaning the linen. If you decide to clean the linen in-house, you will need to think about the costs of materials, and hiring the cleaning staff. Or, if you hire a dry cleaner, you need to get a quote from them for the costs of cleaning the linen products regularly.

Why go through all this hassle when you can simply rent the linen from another company? You don’t need to worry about setting up a cleaning department, nor do you have to worry about maintenance. The dirty linen will be returned to the company the next day, and it’s their responsibility to deliver fresh, clean linen products to your place every working day.

Easy to Manage

You don’t require a lot of manpower to manage the linen products if you decide to rent them. You don’t need to hire additional staff for cleaning the linen either. It’s an excellent idea for small businesses and start-ups that want to save on operational expenditure and prefer to focus more on the quality of their product. All you need to do is to make sure that the dirty linen is returned to the company the next day. There’s no reason to hire more employees, or allocate additional space in the hotel or the restaurant to store the linen products.

More Opportunities for Growth

Because you wouldn’t have to worry about such minor details, you will be able to focus more on the quality of your food and your service. This will ultimately grant you more opportunities for growth, and the positive reviews that you get will ultimately improve your business.

If you are interested in renting linen products for your business, you should start by getting quotes from numerous suppliers in the city. There are different companies that offer promotional discounts from time to time, so you could get the linen for a lower rental price. Keep your options open, and check out several companies before deciding which to choose.

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