Managing Process Flow With Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

Process organization is a huge responsibility within an auto repair store. Clearly defined and well-organized processes will have a significant effect on the success of your company. Because there are so many different processes, it is often difficult to stay on top of them. However, auto shop software will help to keep things in line.

Vehicle handling

Apart from paying a huge bill, one of the processes that customers hate the most is dropping off and picking up their vehicles. There are several reasons for this, it is time consuming and the customer really doesn’t know if they are going to get their vehicle back in working order. Auto shop software simplifies this process by enabling technicians to book vehicles in electronically. Details and photos of what needs repairing are sent to the customer via email. Once they have given their consent to go ahead with the repairs, the job begins. When the vehicle has been fixed, another picture is sent to the customer, a time is arranged for pick up, if they are happy with the job, they sign, pay, and go.

Sourcing parts and receipts

One of the most significant processes within the auto repair business is deciding which parts are needed to fix a vehicle, ordering, receiving and paying for them. It is essential that this process is performed efficiently, if not, it can have a negative effect on operations. The auto shop software will make sure that this process runs smoothly without you having to do too much.

Requirements – customer and vehicle

This is a diverse process, and as the volume of work increases, it can become quite challenging. There needs to be transparency when it comes to repair and customer requirements. Since all activities are streamlined and automated on the auto shop software, all technicians and service advisors have access to the same information which eliminates confusion.

Auto shop software can significantly enhance your business; however, it is important that you choose software that is suited to your business needs. Before making a financial investment, make sure that you do your research. There are plenty of companies that are offering free trials, but you want to make sure that once the trial is over, you are not bound to a contract. The majority of companies that require you to sign a contract at free trial stage, will also require you to pay a hefty cancellation fee if you decide that you want to terminate the contract early.

Tekmetric is offering a free trial for the rest of 2018, you don’t have to sign a contract, there are no hidden charges written in small print. You will have full access to all features of the software as if you were a paying customer. At the end of the year, if you decide that it isn’t  what your company needs, you can opt out without having to pay a cancellation fee. A free trial of this length will enable you to determine whether the software is going to be an asset or a liability for your organization.

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