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I would like to consider some questions about the company Larson&Holz. We will not go into any particular aspects, but we will look at all the basic things that the company offers us. Like any other brokerage company, Larson&Holz has its advantages and disadvantages. But the first thing that we pay attention to is the factor that makes the disadvantage of the advantage, and vice versa, the disadvantage turns into an advantage.

Firstly, there is a lot of talk about swaps. It is clear that for a position trader the size of a swap is of great importance. A week of accrued swaps can take a third of the profit, if not more. Some believe that Larson&Holz has installed swaps, more than twice the standard. Some mention triple swaps. Here everything depends on the trading plan, which the client chose based on his own prejudices. It is clear that working on a standard trading plan, swaps are accrued, and will accrue. Recalculation of orders after the close of the day, no one will be held for free. This must be understood. Well, as for triple, and double swaps, it’s worth simply opening a terminal with any currency pair. Launch the Market Review tab, and then select the sub-specification. What do we see? For one currency pair there is a positive swap, and there is a negative swap. And now the main thing, the triple swap is charged on Wednesday. This is the day of the triple swap, when the standard value is multiplied by three. Apparently, all the talk about the triple swap is meaningless. After all, the triple swap exists in reality, and not only in the broker Larson&Holz.

The next thing I would like to draw attention to is the talk about the brokerage of the client’s money. In fact, working with a broker, and trading on its platform, the trader takes responsibility for the integrity of the deposit. We are not talking about the fact that money began to disappear right from the balance. Moreover, the trade was not conducted. The company Larson&Holz has identified this factor in one of its sections. The trader, starting to trade, takes all responsibility on himself. He must be aware of all the risk of trading that financial markets carry in him. We all need to understand that trade, which does not imply a certain system, is just a game of fantasy. Again, the company Larson&Holz points to this, warning that no financial market with this approach will not allow the trader to raise a lot of money. And this is what many beginner traders are hoping for. In addition, why immediately rush into battle. The company offers training. You can after all take courses, and trade on the basis of the acquired knowledge. Plus, the company returns a portion of the funds spent on training, in the form of a bonus. Whatever it was, but a return of 10% of the cost of courses, it’s not so small as it seems at first glance. Well, if you add your money to the refund, you can start trading.

Some traders, after losing money, start looking for reasons. Sometimes not even where they should be sought. Talk about slippage, a significant painting of some tails to candles, it’s to put it mildly, not serious. Larson&Holz has more than 10,000 customers. So, the staff should be the same. Let’s think about what these drawings give. After all, each trader opens the market on the basis of his thoughts. One buys, the other sells. If you draw a tail to a candle for one trader, then the second one leaves the market with a profit. Then what is the sense of Larson&Holz to do it. There is an alternative. You can open the trading terminals of the other two brokers. Just compare the indications of candles of interest to us. Differences, of course they will. After all, each broker receives quotes from its providers. But the difference should be insignificant. On five-figure charts, not more than 10-15 points. But before guessing, it is better to prepare your trading system. Then you do not have to look for the cause of the loss where it is not, and there was not.

The next aspect is the withdrawal of money. I believe everyone knows the truth: You can earn money, but they need to be withdrawn. To avoid problems at the time of withdrawal of funds, it is necessary to study the rules of the output itself. The company Larson&Holz posted on its official website terms of input and output in the form of tables. Here are the dates for each payment system separately. According to the materials of the site, the conclusion is instantaneous only for electronic payment systems. Bank transfers, or transfers to a bank card, take from three to seven days. In view of the fact that each transfer is registered and executed by the bank’s employees. If the aggregator of the payment system is used to withdraw funds, then no more than three hours. Here it is important to understand. Larson&Holz has introduced a verification procedure. By the way, every large broker has it. Employees of the company explained this by saying that the identity of the client must be confirmed. Otherwise, laundering of money will begin. Introduced money into the system so-and-so, withdrew money completely different. In the end, complete confusion. The company has protected itself from unnecessary problems, and even more so, the verification procedure is not complicated. It is clear, many are afraid to indicate the real data of the passport. But you need to understand the company. And, all the more so that employees of the company can do with the customer’s data. Straightforward, nothing. The era of loans taken to someone else’s face has passed.

The company LH-Crypto cherishes any of its customers. There is no prejudice against those who have a bigger deposit. Here all are equal. Someone can afford and 50 000 dollars. And someone has 1,000 dollars as well. This raises the company Larson&Holz in the eyes of an ordinary man in the street.

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