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 CAI designs proper plans to make sure that an airport’s commercial potential is fully realized. Past the aeronautical business, areas like retail, vehicle-parking facilities, advertising and property are potential revenue streams that may be positioned for lengthy-term competitiveness.

Commercial Planning Approach

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CHONGQING JIANGBEI Worldwide Airport terminal

Chongqing Jiangbei Worldwide Airport terminal, a growing regional hub in China, first hired CAI in 2008 to see around the commercial growth and development of certainly one of its terminals.

CAI labored using the airport terminal to configure the retail layout and product mix at Terminal 2A and shared its knowledge of airport terminal retail management to optimise commercial revenue. This introduced in regards to a 30% rise in commercial sales per passenger once the terminal grew to become operational this year.

This partnership was extended this year using the new Terminal 3A, with a capacity of 45 million passengers per year. CAI was engaged to utilize the airport terminal to organize the terminal’s commercial area.

Terminal 3A was inaugurated in August 2017, having a total demarcated retail space of 35,000 sqm full of a comprehensive choice of top worldwide brands and famous local labels that promoted its unique identity.

The wide arena of airport consultancy services would make it difficult to define its precise scope and nature. CAI has been specifically focussing on operational efficiency in order to maximizing the value of the overall assets. CAI is the best in business.

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