How to Create a Business with a Virtual London Address

Improvements in technology have made it easier for business start-ups to put their name on the map. One such example of this is hiring a virtual office space. As the name suggests, a virtual office has no physical location, with the address being based in a remote address that is typically in a large city.

This gives the appearance of a highly professional and well-established business yet doesn’t require excessive overheads needed for renting a physical space. Your business could even be established in some of the most renowned locations in the world, with a virtual London address being a great option for UK-based start-ups.

Best of all, creating a business with a virtual London address couldn’t be easier!

Set a Budget

To get your virtual London address, start by research virtual office providers throughout the city. Given the size of London, there are many choices available, which may feel overwhelming initially, so it’s a good idea to set yourself a rough budget to determine what’s within your price-range.

While prices for a London address are a fraction of the cost for a physical office space, the price differences can vary significantly. Therefore, you want to set a budget as it makes it easier to work out what locations you can afford, and which ones are too expensive.

Choose an Address

There are many choices for virtual London addresses, so you should be able to find something within your budget. Remember, not all virtual locations are going to be cheap, especially in areas such as Central London, but there are companies with addresses for almost every borough in London.

When choosing your address, be sure to think about how it affects your business. For instance, a cheap address in a lesser known borough of London may be cost-effective but might not offer the same reputation as more established address in the business centre of the city.

It’s important to find the right balance between cost of the virtual address and the advantages it offers your business – there’s no point in paying for an expensive virtual London address if it doesn’t benefit your company!

Consider Hiring Additional Services

Most virtual office providers in London offer more than just an address. For instance, the majority of addresses also come with a mail box, although you may have to pay for mail collection and forwarding.

Perhaps one of the most important services to consider hiring along with your address is a virtual assistant. This allows your business address to be contacted directly by phone, where the assistant can remotely answer and forward calls directly to you.

This is very helpful for businesses just starting out, as it ensures you don’t miss important phone calls from clients without constantly having to answer calls and take messages. Other services that may be useful include conference rooms for hire at the same address, which is a great way to meet with clients in person while still looking profesaion

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