How A Message Taking service Can Improve Your Business.

Those missed calls cost you money and not being able to answer customer queries are a massive drawback. They have taken the time to go online, they have read your website and are impressed by what you have to offer and then they call your business and there is no answer. Fair enough, you’re busy and that’s great, but your company can not grow and become more profitable if it continues like this. It could be just a simple query, it could even be a wrong number, but what if it’s that big break your company has been waiting for and you missed the call. When someone calls your business number, everything that happens from that moment on will determine how that person feels about the service, and in the days of global connectivity, if a call isn’t answered within 5 seconds, the caller might hang up.

Just Too Busy.

A personal answering service is what you need for the times when you are just too busy to answer the phone. Many successful entrepreneurs spend most of their time on the move, and in such a case, it is essential to have someone who can answer calls on the office line. The modern message taking service is just one service that the virtual office provider offers the modern business owner, you can, for example, obtain a registered business address in the trendy part of London, and also have a local telephone number to match. If you should ever need to hold meetings with clients, the virtual office provider would have state of the art meeting rooms that you can hire for the day, and with your company signage in place, your customer will assume this is your regular working environment. Image if vital in business, and with virtual office services, even the smallest of organisations can project a corporate image.

Professional Receptionists

People worry about the business sounding like a call centre, but the services offered by these companies reflect an element of professionalism and courtesy. The receptionist would be thoroughly briefed regarding the client’s business, and with every call answered within 5 seconds, you can be sure that your customers are happy. There are many situations where you find yourself in need of a company where a virtual receptionist is able to take a message and convey it to you quickly. You can receive that message either by email, SMS text to your phone, or fax. In the case where you have to go to a different part of the country and there’s no one to man the office phone, if you use the services of a message taking company, then the call would be answered by the virtual receptionist, who would either take a message or put the caller through to your mobile number.

Cover Your Bases.

With this message taking service you get your own personal assistant who will greet your customers when you are too busy to do so. Maybe you have a receptionist, but he or she needs to leave their desk at some point to go to the toilet or go to lunch. The only time a lot of people have time to call your company is on their lunch break. When they ring and no one answers, then what image is that going to project? With a personal call answering service, the call is taken when your staff can’t take it. Such services are offered by companies like Message-Direct, who are the UK’s leading provider of virtual office services, and can tailor a package to suit your business needs. The virtual office provider is geared up to handle any volume of calls, and when you launch that sales campaign, they can handle all incoming calls and pass the information on to your sales staff, which will ensure maximum conversion. The ideal thing about this service, is you can select which of the specific services you require, and that way, you are not paying for something you don’t need.

You Don’t Have To Choose.

This service is available to everyone and even a sole trader who has only one landline phone and a mobile phone can’t possibly answer both at the same time and it does happen. What call should he choose, one may be a waste of time and the other an opportunity for new business. He or she doesn’t have to worry if they sign up for a message taking service. Whatever call, they don’t take, the other will be answered with professionalism and the message will be conveyed to them, anyway by whatever methods they choose.

Seasonal Surges

Many businesses are stretched to the limits over traditionally busy festivals like Christmas and New Year, and with a call handing provider, they can handle any overflow for as long as you wish, and once business is back to normal, you can put the service on hold until you need it. For many small businesses that rely heavily on their receptionist, the annual holidays are usually the time when everything goes wrong. It might only be two weeks, but without that one person who connects everyone, the organisation suffers. A virtual office provider can fill in for your key staff when they take their annual leave, and the can also cover absenteeism due to sickness.

Having a personalised answering service has many advantages like call recording facilities where you get to listen to the calls you couldn’t take. They also offer massive savings as you don’t have to hire an employee to sit in the office and so save money on salaries and other job benefits. Time is saved, more gets done around the office and all those unwanted calls from people trying to sell you something you don’t need will be screened and those deemed useful will be forwarded on. It also provides an excellent image for your business and both professional and dependable. Answering more calls means more opportunities for business which means more profits. Give it a go today. There is a free trial period.

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