Don Forman Nissan Dealer from Las Vegas, Planting Seeds of Hope as a Philanthropist

Hope is something that everyone needs in order to survive especially in this day and age when life is tough, and many people seem to be indifferent to the needs of others. it is even more disappointing that we often see those who have so much to give, are busy making more money rather than taking the time to help those in need.

Fortunately, not everyone is oblivious of other people’s pain and needs.A successful businessman and philanthropist, Don Forman is one of the few who has been planting seeds of hope to the hearts of the many people he meets.

Forman is the owner of the United Nissan store in Las Vegas, the Nissan dealership at Tustin in Southern California as well as the Lakada Wine Cellar in Vegas. But apart from his successful ventures as a businessman, Forman is loved for his kind and generous heart.

While other philanthropists are content in donating to known charity organizations, Forman took humanitarian works at a whole new level. Taking advantage of the power of the media, the Nissan tycoon partnered with FOX5 Surprise Squad, a show that goes around surprising viewers across the Las Vegas Valley.

Since 2013, Forman, together with America Fist Credit Union, has been actively sponsoring the activities of the FOX5 Surprise Squad in the hope of providing a sense of relief to people in desperate times.

We all know what it’s like to be in a dire financial situation. The hopelessness and pity even intensify when it’s Christmas time and we know that we couldn’t even give our kids decent meals. This was exactly the situation that struggling young mom Stephanie Rivera was going through the day that the Surprise Squad met her.

Stephanie had a rough childhood. Homeless and alone, she even found herself pregnant at a young age of sixteen years old. Now, she has three children and still struggling to make ends meet.

As always, the Surprise Squad gave Stephanie wonderful gifts – family trip, grocery money, and $2,000 cash. All these things would help the young mom in her immediate needs, but the best gift was the $3,000-scholarship from the squad, so Stephanie can fulfill her dream of becoming a full-fledged make-up artist and providing for her family.

“You guys brought me so much hope,” Stephanie said, which is exactly what Forman wanted all along.

Forman’s vision is to plant seeds of hope because once it bears fruits, it will surely change the lives of people for the better.

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